Peter Lalor’s yarn


On Tuesday the grads 5’s had to say a yarn of the person they picked to learn about. In the yarn we had to do it dressed up as our character, do it with their accent and explain what happend on the day we did our yarn on. Mine was December 3rd 1854.


We had to it in front of our learning communities. Then we got to mingle with other people in our accent. My yarn said ‘ I was just going up to the gold mines when this guy came and ask these other 3 guys if they had miners license. They said no and they got arrested, that started a riot, everyone was fighting and I got a serious wound on my arm.’


Biography on Peter Lalor


Peter Lalor was the leader in the eureka stockade. He was born on the 5th of February 1827.

He was also a politition, he had 8 brothers and 2 sisters. His Mum and Dad were Ann and Patrick Lalor, he was educated at Carlow college.

He was born at Raheen, Ireland. He died in 1889 9th February. A staue was made of in Slurt Street gardens in Ballarat.

His children’s names were Anne and Joseph Lalor. His 8 brothers and 2 sisters names were James, Richard, Tom, Jerome, John, Walliam, Patrick, Joseph, Margaret and Mary.

On the day of the eureka stockade ( 3 December 1854 ) his left arm was seriously wounded.

3 of the Lalor brothers migrated to America and fought on both sides of the civil war.

Peter Lalor was Catholic and another one of his brothers was fought at the eureka stockade. He married Alicia Dunne in 1855.

Peter Lalor’s quote was ‘ and with a burning feeling of an injured man I mounted the stump and proclaimed Liberty.’

Peter Lalor’s portrait can be found on 2 stamps in Ireland.


Inquiry On Australia


Hi guys

This term we have been learning about Australia and what events happened leading up until now. There was a range of topics people could learn about, I chose the Eureka Stockade and am learning about Peter Lalor and what he did for the Eureka Stockade.

If you want to learn about him click on the link below.


At the end of the term we have to make a story about our character and what they were doing on the day that the event happened.