Good Comments


Hi guys!

I have been collecting good quality comments, here are 5 good tips to write one.

1. Add description.

2. Make the author feel good.

3. Start a convosation.

4. No emojis.

5. Ask questions.



Well not rapping, more like a poem. This poem is going to be about the goldfields and what these guys are saying in this photo.

But first a thanks to S T Gills for this photo, copy and paste this text              to see his website!

I see something shine! Will it be gold?

Oh no! I was trolled!

Damn Bob! Let’s see if you like being stuffed with!

I’ll pretend to be a locksmith!

He walks into the shop and wants me to fix his watch.

It turns out to need a hard touch!



Hey guys 👋

Our class is adding avatars on our blogs, wanna know why? It’s the weekly class blogging challenge. Here’s a picture of mine:

I think it looks like me because I have a phone, my favourite colour is red and my hair is normally straight.

Rule of Thirds


Rule of thirds? This isn’t maths fractions we are learning photography!

The rule of thirds is a photo that uses 2 horizontal and 2 vertical lines that make the picture more lined up.

Grade 6

Heres one of mine, so we took pictures of our favorite place in prep or when we started to now.

Grade 4 ( when I started).

I challenge you to a dance off, hands off…!


Hey guys on Thursday we had a performance for P/A, we got to choose a song and yesterday we got to perform it in front of the whole school and parents. Our song was dance off and who you know. We performed it on a truck with ice cream and pizza vans around.

The learning intention was to improve confidence and drama, at the end once all the songs were done, the 6’s were performing a graduation song.


Then after that the teachers were dancing to Michale Jackson’s Thriller. The principal was Michale and the teachers were zombies. It was probably the best one there.

Visual Art Skateboard


👋 Hi guys,

On Wednesday we had art and on my skateboard I’m gonna put Vannoss Gaming,  H20 Delirious and Nogla with their logos with their names. On the other side I’m gonna put like 20 emojis on it.

Vannos Gaming, H20 Delirious and Nogla are a gaming crew that do multiple games like Gmod, COD and random zombies games. I’ll show you a photo:

img_0682This is his symbol.