Me in 3 minutes….. kind of


No more minutes of torture, no more sweat, no more blood. Not joking, I grazed my knee.

God thank the lord we have finally finished me in a minute, we calculated the class Mean, Median and Mode for our results. We have improved in everything except squats who’s average dropped from 55.1 to 51.8. Others that stood out were basket ball hoops which doubled from 2.35 to 4.27 and balls in target with 9.10 to 20.58.

More like me in 3 minutes since we did it for three weeks

Me In Two Minutes….. Technically


Yayyyyy, second week done! Now only one to go, which will be hard to improve on. Here’s last weeks and this weeks sheet:

My goals last week were push ups, burpees and distance around the oval. I improved by running around the street and I improved my burpees by just not stopping and doing them right.