Rodney Heath With The Slice And Oh Look At!

Well, I don’t think that Rodney won a game with a slice as the winning shot, but I can guarantee that he won with a awesome shot. This is my Biography on Rodney Heath, if you read it, it will say that he won 3 titles. In those three titles he played about 9 sets and roughly 40-50 games. How much games is the minimum to play in a set?

Hint: The maximum is 11.

This is my news report, I’m going to put it on the back of my box, it is about his 3rd title and his partner.


2 thoughts on “Rodney Heath With The Slice And Oh Look At!

  1. Hey wilson,
    I thought your presentation was awesome.
    I liked how you showed us everything and explained it.
    Maybe next time speak with sime ethusiam.
    From Max.

  2. Hi Wilson
    I like your presentation on Rodney Heath. I like how you said what he did. Next time maybe give more information. Good job
    From Charlize

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