In the next couple of weeks we have to read a picture story book to our buddies. The picture story book I chose is ‘Jasper McFlea will not eat his tea’.

My goal while reading this book to them is to do different voices and to position the book so they can see it good.

3rd May

I achieved my goal by reading the book with my friends and improved with feed back, my new goal is to read slower on some sentences to sound better. ( Some sentences you have to go slow ).

2 thoughts on “MyPictureStoryBook

  1. Hi Wilson,
    I’m not familiar with this book, but it seems like it would have some great rhyming patterns.
    How are you going to build your confidence so you can do the character voices? How will you practice your position when reading the book to an audience?
    Miss C

  2. Yeah it is a good rhyming book… I’m going to improve my confidence by reading to my parents but there are no voices! But I am using expression while doing different parts. To practice my position I will try reading upside down, sideways and maybe reread the page with my eyes closed. This is for if I can’t read a word in that position I can remember or guess what it is.

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