Visual Art Skateboard


👋 Hi guys,

On Wednesday we had art and on my skateboard I’m gonna put Vannoss Gaming,  H20 Delirious and Nogla with their logos with their names. On the other side I’m gonna put like 20 emojis on it.

Vannos Gaming, H20 Delirious and Nogla are a gaming crew that do multiple games like Gmod, COD and random zombies games. I’ll show you a photo:

img_0682This is his symbol.



It’s to be with YMCA! Da da da da! Oops I was just singing to a figmetive language song. Figmetive language is an expression,  the oppisite is literall where it actually happened legit.

We had to pick a song and find figmetive language in it, mine was YMCA. If you want the lyrics click here.