Fun Run + Tug of War = Hard Work!


16 laps, 17 laps, 18 laps! Wooh that’s my high score even though it’s my first time doing it! On the 27th of October we had a fun run and a tug of war, in the fun run we had 45 minutes to run around an oval and do as much laps as possible! I got 18 laps not cheating. My Mum came to watch for two minutes because she thought it started later then it actually did so she bought me a brownie and a cookie.

After that we had the tug of war and our grade smashed the other grade 5 classes and it was fun to watch the preps but the grade 6’s took a long time to do it and when I was getting bored they finished.


Peter Lalor’s yarn


On Tuesday the grads 5’s had to say a yarn of the person they picked to learn about. In the yarn we had to do it dressed up as our character, do it with their accent and explain what happend on the day we did our yarn on. Mine was December 3rd 1854.


We had to it in front of our learning communities. Then we got to mingle with other people in our accent. My yarn said ‘ I was just going up to the gold mines when this guy came and ask these other 3 guys if they had miners license. They said no and they got arrested, that started a riot, everyone was fighting and I got a serious wound on my arm.’


Coach Approach!


Pant pant pant, on Wednesday we had coach approach where some athletes come to our school to do some sports and teach us them, some were touch rugby, frisbee, circus, hockey, lacrosse and hip hop.


The sport I most enjoyed is probably rugby because I got the hang of passing quickly and the spin was easy to do, at the end when they left they gave signatures out but I didnt get one because people kept pushing.

It was a fun day though.



Bully on the bus!


The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round. The bully on the bus go’s thump! Thump! Thump!

Apart from our door I think that 4A’s  door is my favorite book week door, if you don’t know what book week is then I’ll tell you, in this week every class will design their door to look like a book character or something. Ours is the hungry hungry catipillar.

Their design is clever and has really good quality work. Also the kids not teachers did it.

Here is a photo:


Here is is a link to their class blogs:

Pi is soo hard!


Pi equals 3.141592……… continuing for a billion didgets, but what is pi? Pi is the formula we use to work out the circumference of a circle, the measurement of the outside of a circle if that’s what you want to call it. It goes 3.14 times the diameter. ( the measurement from a straight line across the circle).


In math we have been learning about circles and radius and stuff like that, one of the hardest is measuring the area because it’s not like pi. I think we are going to do square after circles.


Geri’s chess game #lol!


Hey guys,

Yesterday and this week we were watching some show don’t tell clips by Pixar like For the Birds, Geri’s game and stuff like that. In Geri’s game they included ‘Show Don’t Tell’ by using images without words.

If you don’t know what show don’t tell is its to not tell the reader what the characters are doing but showing them. In the cat in the hat they used expressions, body movement and voice.

Even though they teach us they are always funny and we enjoy them!