Spelling a made up word!


Hey guys,

Man it’s hard to spell a made up word because there is no correct way to spell it!¡! Here is some of my made up words:

•Prevoid ( to prevent and avoid something ).

•Deadive ( to be dead but still breathing ).

•Spazey ( to be sporty but lazy ).

If the pattern ‘ou’ or ‘ow’ is in a word I will pronounce the word wrong so I have a list of words that have this pattern in them here:

•Camouflage.      •Bought.      •Coward.     •Ow.         •Cow.      •Ouch.

•Ought.                •Tower.        •Hour.          • Your.     •Now.

•Court.                 •Flower.       •Cower.        •Blow.     •Your.