Team Games!¡!



Hey Guys,

Every Thursday at school in the last hour the grade 5 and 6 teachers take a class from those 2 year levels. The teachers pick a game for that class to play. Last Thursday we did grade against grade in a wide range of games like the whole class had to make a letter or word, list the class from youngest to oldest in silence, the human ladder game and getting a hoolahoop around a circle while holding hands.

In the human ladder game we sat in a line feet together facing each other, we had to run through the line as quick as possible. In the hoolahoop game you had to put your legs in and get your head through the hoolahoop. Sadley we didn’t have time to do the game where we order ourselves without talking. We also did a different version of the hoolahoop game where someone had two and they had to get one going left and one going right.