You thought Medieval was a big war didn’t you😅!

Also know as Middle Ages, the Medieval times happened in 476 AD to roughly 1350 AD, Middle Ages began with the fall of the Western Roman Empire. Including a lot of wars! You may be wondering, What is or what happened during the Middle Ages?

The Middle Ages was kind of like a BBBBIIIIGGGG Federation, a lot of important events happened and well, it was the Middle of the Ages. The Middle Ages ended with The Black Death. (Not being racist).




In the next couple of weeks we have to read a picture story book to our buddies. The picture story book I chose is ‘Jasper McFlea will not eat his tea’.

My goal while reading this book to them is to do different voices and to position the book so they can see it good.

3rd May

I achieved my goal by reading the book with my friends and improved with feed back, my new goal is to read slower on some sentences to sound better. ( Some sentences you have to go slow ).

Good Comments


Hi guys!

I have been collecting good quality comments, here are 5 good tips to write one.

1. Add description.

2. Make the author feel good.

3. Start a convosation.

4. No emojis.

5. Ask questions.



Well not rapping, more like a poem. This poem is going to be about the goldfields and what these guys are saying in this photo.

But first a thanks to S T Gills for this photo, copy and paste this text              to see his website!

I see something shine! Will it be gold?

Oh no! I was trolled!

Damn Bob! Let’s see if you like being stuffed with!

I’ll pretend to be a locksmith!

He walks into the shop and wants me to fix his watch.

It turns out to need a hard touch!