Me in 3 minutes….. kind of


No more minutes of torture, no more sweat, no more blood. Not joking, I grazed my knee.

God thank the lord we have finally finished me in a minute, we calculated the class Mean, Median and Mode for our results. We have improved in everything except squats who’s average dropped from 55.1 to 51.8. Others that stood out were basket ball hoops which doubled from 2.35 to 4.27 and balls in target with 9.10 to 20.58.

More like me in 3 minutes since we did it for three weeks

Me In Two Minutes….. Technically


Yayyyyy, second week done! Now only one to go, which will be hard to improve on. Here’s last weeks and this weeks sheet:

My goals last week were push ups, burpees and distance around the oval. I improved by running around the street and I improved my burpees by just not stopping and doing them right.

Me in a Minute


Me in a minute is a thing where we do as much stuff as we can in a minute, like pushups, sit-ups, train track jumps and much more.

Here is a picture of my results:

We are doing it to help our physical health since in our inquiry we are studying our mental, spiritual, social and physical health.

I was surprise how easily ski squats are, balancing spoke for itself, I only got one basket ball shot in which was disappointing and I did really well on balls in target.

My goals are push ups, burpees and distance around the oval. I got below average on these, (don’t know how on distance around the oval). To achieve these I will practice at home and do as many push ups as I can in unlimited time.

Join The Green Side, We Have Plants


Today was Monday the 26th of June 2017, I’m gonna be that in depth with this Reflection too.

I think our group and I had…… N’T put enough effort explaining what we were doing, if I did this again I’d pick a better place to focus like sport or classrooms. Some positives were we got to persuade them to come and ask questions, we weren’t distracted and I think we’ll get a lot of votes.

I had a lot of fun trying to get people interested in our group as we didn’t look exiting or inviting! I think we were successful in a lot of sections.

Rodney Heath With The Slice And Oh Look At!


Well, I don’t think that Rodney won a game with a slice as the winning shot, but I can guarantee that he won with a awesome shot. This is my Biography on Rodney Heath, if you read it, it will say that he won 3 titles. In those three titles he played about 9 sets and roughly 40-50 games. How much games is the minimum to play in a set?

Hint: The maximum is 11.

This is my news report, I’m going to put it on the back of my box, it is about his 3rd title and his partner.




You thought Medieval was a big war didn’t you😅!

Also know as Middle Ages, the Medieval times happened in 476 AD to roughly 1350 AD, Middle Ages began with the fall of the Western Roman Empire. Including a lot of wars! You may be wondering, What is or what happened during the Middle Ages?

The Middle Ages was kind of like a BBBBIIIIGGGG Federation, a lot of important events happened and well, it was the Middle of the Ages. The Middle Ages ended with The Black Death. (Not being racist).




In the next couple of weeks we have to read a picture story book to our buddies. The picture story book I chose is ‘Jasper McFlea will not eat his tea’.

My goal while reading this book to them is to do different voices and to position the book so they can see it good.

3rd May

I achieved my goal by reading the book with my friends and improved with feed back, my new goal is to read slower on some sentences to sound better. ( Some sentences you have to go slow ).